Welcome to CCER!

The Rowan Center for Cybersecurity Education and Research (CCER) is an academic center that brings together faculty, researchers, and students working in the field of cybersecurity from several schools and departments across campus.


The mission of CCER is to cultivate communities of practice around cybersecurity challenges and approaches, research techniques and methodologies for countering the state-of-the-art cyberattacks, and build training opportunities to increase the production of professionals in our region.

Interested in a Cybersecurity Scholarship?

Exciting Rowan scholarship opportunities may be available for you!

Check Out the Cybersecurity Club!

The club's primary purpose is to provide students who are interested in cybersecurity with the technical resources needed to advance their cybersecurity careers. The club is open to all students interested in learning about cybersecurity topics and participating in cybersecurity-related activities. If you are interested, click here, send an email to cyberclub@rowan.edu and follow us on Twitter!

General Meetings: Mondays 3:30-4:30p.m. (Robinson 212)

Capture The Flag Project Meetings: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00p.m. (CS Dept Conf Room - Robinson 328)

Apply for the Rowan Innovative Summer Cyber (RISC) Program!


Application deadline is May 1, 2019! 

The Department of Computer Science at Rowan University is pleased to offer two non-residential cybersecurity summer programs: the RISC Camp for High School Students and the RISC Workshop for High School Teachers generously funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the National Security Agency. RISC will be led by Dr. Vahid Heydari, Director of the Center for Cybersecurity Education and Research at Rowan University.  

Program participants will receive:
  • Training in the area of Computing, Cybersecurity, and IoT
  • Classroom resources
  • Participants of the RISC Workshop for High School Teachers will receive $400 stipend and 40 hours of professional development (attendance required for all five days)
  • Participants of the RISC Camp for High School Students will receive $30 per day for transportation costs
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks included

Interested? Click here for more information!