Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security club's main purpose is to show the ever-growing world of Cyber Security. This club showcases how vast and important cyber security is in this day and age and helps people with many different projects for those who are interested in the field. The club also brings established people in the field in order to teach and explain various topics on the cybersecurity and career topics.

Project Sparx:

Teaches the basic techniques of hacking to facilitate people who have just sparked their interest in cyber security. Is done using an online Unix System named Bandit where people can learn in a friendly environment with like minded people.

RFID Project:

Identifying how the ID signal sent from our Rowan ID cards works. Attempting to modify/copy the signal onto another NFC card to identify potential security flaws to be presented to IRT. Also experimenting with NFC tags in general, becoming more familiar with the concept of RFID and its practical real-world applications.

Club Board:

President - Shafin Siraj

VP - James Mc Ginty

Secretary - Christian Nicdao

 Senator - Youngyo Na

Treasurer - Anthony Polanco