Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security club's main purpose is to show the ever-growing world of Cyber Security. This club showcases how vast and important cyber security is in this day and age and helps people with many different projects for those who are interested in the field. The club also brings established people in the field in order to teach and explain various topics on cybersecurity and career topics.

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For events this semester we hope to better educate students on the work within the Cyber Security field by bringing out more industry professionals and CS Alumni for Speaker/Workshop events to share their experiences as to give advice and possible opportunities for all our members to engage in! Locations will vary, but will be announced days before the meeting.


General Meetings will be held weekly from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday. All majors
are welcome to these meetings!

Date Event Title Description
Friday 6-7 pm General Meeting Discuss Cybersecurity principles and techniques as well as club functions.
November 4th, 12:00 pm thru November 6th CTF (Capture the Flag) An event where students of beginner to advanced skill sets learn and compete in cyber skills to win prizes.


What's New 2022:

Hosting the first-ever Rowan CTF!!!

2021-2022 E-board Members: