Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security club's main purpose is to show the ever-growing world of Cyber Security. This club showcases how vast and important cyber security is in this day and age and helps people with many different projects for those who are interested in the field. The club also brings established people in the field in order to teach and explain various topics on the cybersecurity and career topics.

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For events this semester we hope to better educate students on the work within the Cyber Security field by bringing out more industry professionals and CS Alumni for Speaker/Workshop events to share their experiences as to give advice and possible opportunities for all our members to engage in! Location wise we will either be within the Computer Science Conference Room or the James 2108 Cyber Security Lab for special workshop events! Also lookout for possible tour events co-hosted with the MIS Club. Expect these sorts of events twice a month with free food and drinks! Our first one is soon to be announced, and if you are interested in reaching out to host a speaker/workshop event let us know! Contact Us!


General Meetings are held every Friday from 2:00PM to 4:00PM EST in Robinson 201A & 201B. All majors are welcome as these meetings are co-hosted with the ACM, ACM-W, & MIS clubs. Free food/drinks and possible swag at every meeting!

Date Event Title Description
Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 from 5:00-6:00 PM MIS & Cyber-Security Club-Professor Davie Speaker Event-Network Management & Security Interested in learning about cybersecurity and how it relates to network management? Professor Micheal Davie will be coming out to present and discuss topics related to managing a network while prioritizing security. 


What's New 2019:

It's planned that the Cyber Club will have three meetings each month. One will be a workshop hosted by a faculty member or individual from an outside company, one will be a speaker event hosted by a faculty member or individual from an outside company, and one will be a general club meeting.

2019-2020 Eboard Members: